Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Flooded Basement After Hurricane We Quickly Needed A Water Damage Extraction Team

Last summer we had extensive water damage restoration Austin due to a hurricane that passed through our area. Apparently one of the main drains that is right outside our basement became filled up with all sorts of debris which caused water to back up right into the house. 

This became a huge nightmare because we weren't home that weekend, so needless too say we were astonished to still find a pool of water in the basement when we arrived at the house. 

My wife of course went into a panic since we store a lot of heirlooms in the basement, but luckily for some reason the water did not reach that area. Now it became a race against time and we knew that a water damage extraction team was needed right away. Luckily a friend of mine works for one of these companies so we were able to get them to come over an  immediate assessment of the damages. Using the water damage extraction method has to be done right away otherwise mold and mildew sets in and it becomes an even bigger problem. 

The team got to work and after about a week of first extracted all the water then drying it out, the basement seems like its all back to normal.

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